Whether you want to create a more functional space in your home, design communal space for a college or university or develop a plan for an office workspace this blog is for you. Bring people together and foster community with a welcoming space for like-minded people to gather. Something important to think about when planning is what type of working surfaces are available in the space. Use unique materials to create beautiful furniture to help make the space functional and encourage people to spend time there. Reclaimed wood and natural wood are great choices for materials to create anything from countertops to shelves to desks to tables.

Promote Openness and Sharing

The creation of communal spaces with reclaimed wood is meant to promote openness and provide a space for people to gather and share. Libraries, common areas on campus and your corner coffee shop are examples of great places to meet and socialize. People are attracted to warm, welcoming spaces and the comfort level encourages them to stay and enjoy themselves. To cultivate an inviting space consider a decorating the area with reclaimed wood and materials that provide character and a uniqueness to the room. There are plenty of types of wood to choose from including reclaimed oak, ash, walnut and more.

Communal Spaces in Colleges

How do you choose what surface to have made for the space? Think about what the purpose of the room is. In an educational setting it is ideal for the students to have access to places where they are able to foster community and build relationships. The larger part of a young adult education is their social development in these years which help them shape themselves for the remainder of their lives. Make the communal spaces beautiful and enjoyable.

Above: Handmade wood countertops for Emerson College made from stained ash.

Think about the function of each communal space. If the function is to provide space for students to grab a quick bite consider a few tables and chairs with a countertop along the wall to create more surface area for those wishing to simply stand and chat with a coffee for a few moments. The locally made wood countertops made for Emerson College commons is a beautiful, functional addition for students to enjoy. The countertop is made from ash. Ash is a widely popular material in restaurants as it is a hardwood that is super friendly for the budget. Ash can also be stained various color ways including grey, espresso, black or simply left in its natural color.

In The Home

Above: Custom designed wet bar in home

For a less trafficked area perhaps consider a more expensive option for your reclaimed wood choice. Reclaimed oak is an excellent option and while it is a little more expensive it offers lots of charm, patina and a warm brown color. The reclaimed oak is generally over 150 years old with lots of character from nail holes, checking and tonal changes throughout the grain of the wood. Some great handmade furniture ideas for a reclaimed oak include coffee tables, a desk for the study or a dining room table. As an alternative for more high traffic areas in the home, white oak makes a great wood choice for a countertop for a home wet bar or a kitchen surface.

Communal Spaces in The Office

Above: Office work area overlooking view of Boston

With so many meetings and projects tying up individuals at work they hardly have time to get back to their own offices. It is nice to have a hub where people might be able to gather to work on a PowerPoint or catch up on email in between meetings. Sometimes people work better standing up. A long counter workstation in front of a beautiful view might be the perfect addition to an office. Provide an agreeable solution from having to sit at one’s desk all day facing a drab cubicle wall. Encouraging people to work together in the same place invites collaboration and social innovation among officemates. Depending on the office budget there are a variety of wood options to choose from including ash, reclaimed oak, maple and birch.

For Your Own Locally-Made Reclaimed Wood Table…

Please feel free to contact us with your dreams, designs and ideas to create or improve your own gathering space. Allow us to make for you a reclaimed wood table or custom handmade piece of furniture that would best suit the needs of the space you are looking to fill.