Care & Maintenance

All-Natural finishes are strong enough for heavy wear-and-tear and are easy to maintain

Care & Maintenance

Oil/Wax Blend

This is a soft, natural finish that is one of the oldest methods for protecting furniture. The Oil/wax blend cures to a hard satin finish that resists liquid well. Made from linseed plant oil, it brings out the natural color, warmth, and characteristics of wood.


  • Step 1) Scuff entire surface with a fine steel wool (grade #0000) with the grain of the wood.
  • Step 2) Apply a thin coat of oil/wax blend with a lint free cloth.
  • Step 3) After 60 minutes, wipe excess oil with clean cloth and buff.

A second coat can be applied after about 8-10 hours. Additional buffing will enhance the look. For a more soiled area, or even if you have nicks, scratches, gouges, etc., you can take a high grit sandpaper 180 or higher, or the fine steel wool pad and lightly sand the damaged area until smooth to the touch. Then reapply the Danish oil with steps above to easily refinish a dated or worn table to give it a fresh look.

How Often?

Soft oil finishes on wooden furniture direct from the woodshop need to build up a strong layer of protection over time. Extra care and maintenance early on will set you up for a fantastic piece of furniture for years to come.

  • For First 2 Months: Twice/Month
  • For First Year: Once/Month
  • After First Year: Once/3-4 Months


For Everyday Cleaning: Use a mild soap and water on a damp cloth or natural cleaning spray to wipe up after meals and daily spills.

If The Surface Feels Sticky: You may have applied too much oil or too often. Simply scuff the surface again (step 1) and rebuff (step 3).

If The Surface Feels Extremely Dry: It may be time for another thin coat of oil and/or furniture wax.

The Wax/Oil Blend  is available for purchase. Please let us know when ordering and we can send you a can or two with your table.

Table Doctor Service:

Need us to help refinish your oil/waxed or soft finished table? We now offer a refinishing service for purchase here

Water-based Varnish

This is a hard finish product, that is environmentally friendly and safe to use. Hard and strong against scratches and dings, this finish is similar to what you will find in most furniture stores.

The maintenance of this product is minimal. For everyday cleaning, use a mild soap and water on a cloth to wipe up after meals and daily spills.

  • Step 1) simply wipe down the table with mineral spirits to remove dirt and grime
  • Step 2) Apply a natural wood cleaner such as Murphy’s Oil with a lint-free rag or an old
    cotton T-shirt
  • Step 3) Buff lightly and you’re all done

Everyday Maintenance 

Our favorite cleaning products are Murphy’s Oil, Method, or Sapadilla Countertop cleaners. We recommend staying away from toxic and aggressive cleaners, such as bleach, as they will dull the finish. So, look for ‘natural’ cleaners. Your table can last 10-20 years and even more and can carefully be passed down from one generation to another.

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