Live Edge Slabs

Natural lines & contours for bold statement pieces

What Is A “Live Edge”?

How do we design the perfect table? First, we mill and slice along the length of a tree trunk to create a wooden “slab.” These slabs retain the natural curves of the tree’s edges. Then, by removing the bark from both edges, we protect the wood’s natural “live” edge.

Every slab has a different personality. That’s why our live edges make excellent dining tables, kitchen island tops, conference tables, and coffee tables. Live edge slabs are the secret ingredient for sophisticated, elegant furniture in any home or office.

Because of the highly organic nature of live edges, we recommend steel bases to complement their structure. They offer clean, straight lines that help your live edge piece stand out.

We do all of our metalwork and welding here in Boston, MA, so you can rest assured that we’ll deliver the perfect base to fit your live edge top.


Because every slab is different, we price our labor on an individual basis. You decide your perfect finish, fills, and base options, and we’ll take care of the rest.

  1. Picking out your slab. Either you have a piece of wood already in your possession or you are shopping around for the slab itself. Our favorite supplier is our friends at Berkshire Products in western MA. Feel free to browse their online site; they have the country’s largest selection, and a great site with detailed pictures and measurements. Send us the slab’s item number, or photo of your own slab, and we’ll get started.

  2. We contact you about the table’s finish; how you’d like to address any holes or cracks in the slab; and what type of base you’d like us to install.

  3. We send you a price estimate.

  4. Should you like to proceed, we will reserve the slab for you, and send you an invoice for the deposit to get into our production calendar.

  5. You send your deposit to Saltwoods.

  6. We will then schedule an appointment at a later date for the client to come into the shop and go over the entire project in detail; where to make the cuts, cracks, edges, finishes, fills, and base.


Every Live Edge Table Is 100% Unique!

Read Why Our Customers Love Their Live Edge Tables!

We absolutely love the table Dan and his crew made for us! It’s even more beautiful than we’d hoped. The process was very smooth, and when there were some inevitable delays around the holidays, Dan lent us a different gorgeous table for the interim.

Rachel Albert

From choosing the wood slab to picking the trestle and chairs, my experience at Saltwoods was so much better than I ever expected. The live edge dining room table and chairs are stunning and the workmanship is at the highest level. This group of artisans know how to work with wood and customers. I can’t say enough good things about them. I will be back for a coffee table.

Linda Nelson

Dan was excellent throughout the purchase of our 72″ Sycamore slab table with steel x-legs. The entire process was seamless and he explained everything and provided recommendations. Although he can acquire any species from a western MA distributor, his shop had several slabs in inventory; which is what we ended up going with because the shape was perfect for our bay window bench. He was thorough and I think the price was amazing for the product delivered. Will recommend him to others, go with his work. You wont regret it!

Alexis Perlson

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