Live Edge & Slabs

Natural lines and contours for statement pieces

What is “Live Edge”?

When a tree is cut down, it can be milled or sliced along the length of the tree trunk. These “slabs” are then left with the natural curves of the edges of the tree. The bark is removed from both edges, but the natural, or “live” edge is left, leaving the tree’s natural lines. Every slab has a different personality and can make great for dining tables, kitchen island tops, conference tables or coffee tables.

Due to their very organic nature, steel bases usually compliment “live edges” best as they offer clean straight lines and allow your live edge piece to stand out. We do all of our metal work and welding here in the shop, so you can create the perfect base to fit your live edge top.

Selecting a “Live Edge”

Due to the unique nature of the product, our clients are encouraged to choose their live edge slab themselves. We have a limited inventory at our shop to choose from, or you can browse the country’s largest online database with our friends at Berkshire Products ( The prices you’ll see are the cost of the slab only – because every slab is different, we at Saltwoods will price our labor to make into a table on an individual basis after discussing with you your finish, fills, and base options.

The process for making a live edge table:

  1. You can pick out a few slabs online at Berkshire based on what you like and send us the item numbers.
  2. We will then contact you about how you would like the table finished; what holes or cracks need to be address and how, and what type of base you are thinking about.
  3. The price estimate is sent to you.
  4. The slab is put on hold at Berkshire Products.
  5. The deposit is made directly to Saltwoods.
  6. The slab is ordered and delivered to our shop.
  7. The client may then come in to our shop to chalk outlines and details, and the work begins.

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