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Some helpful tips and things to consider for making your custom table fit best your home


At Saltwoods, everything we do is custom. Each table is created to your exact specifications. Products listed online act as guidelines for design style and possible options. You are encouraged to visit our showroom to see the various wood types, finishes, colors, build types, and get an idea of the right sizing you need.

Can I take home a sample?

Samples can be created and delivered for purchase only, available here. Pack of 3 samples is $30. We need about 3-5 days to make samples and ship via UPS. Please give us a call and we can have one made up, but we suggest that our clients stop by our showroom to see them in person.

Do you make extensions, leafs or company boards?

Yes. We always recommend a company board as it is structurally the strongest and always tears our hearts to cut through the grain of beautiful reclaimed wood. Please see our tab entitled ‘company boards’ to see how these work.

What is the difference between standard oil and varnish?

The oil/wax blend we recommend is a soft natural finish that shows off the beauty and characteristics of the wood grain while resisting liquid well, and your table can be cleaned with mild soap and water. The oil/wax finish requires several early reapplications within the first year, and every few months after the first year to better protect the table surface. Varnish creates a hard finish product that is resistant to scratches and dings and requires little maintenance.  Check out our care and maintenance page for more information.

What are breadboards and when are they recommended?

Breadboard ends are a narrow piece of wood mechanically joined to the end of a table for added structure, stability, as well as design. They help prevent the wood from cupping and will keep the table flat. Typically we recommend breadboard ends for trestle tables, as they have large overhangs and lack the skirt and apron that add structural support.

Do you do custom metal?

Yes! We fabricate the metalwork right here in the shop, and we are happy to work with you to complete your custom table. You can pick out your metal base on our table leg styles page.

We have a base already/picked out, can you create the table top and attach it to our base?

Absolutely. We are happy to fill custom orders and we can walk you through our choices of wood and recommend the size/style of table top that will work best with your chosen base.

Can I send you a picture of something I want to have made?

Absolutely. Let us know what your dream table looks like, and we’ll let you know right away if we can build it.

Do you do digital renderings for custom designs?

Yes, digital renderings/sketches are available for your custom designs. If you have a design in mind that cannot quite be perceived in your head, we can have one of our talented graphic artists create a digital rendering of what your table, base, and materials may look like to help envision the concept. $60-90 per rendering. Please allow 1-3 days for turnaround.

Can you match a color I want?

Yes. In order to color match the only information we need is the brand and name of stain you’d like. Custom stains and paints will incur a 15% surcharge to the order total. Simply give us a call to discuss how we can get the color sample here.

What kind of reclaimed woods do you get?

The supply of reclaimed wood varies as to what is currently on the market. Readily accessible in New England are oak, heart pine, spruce, hemlock, and some chestnuts as these were popular building materials throughout New England and the east coast. We can and will source other reclaimed woods from the mid-west and west coast if desired; redwoods, mesquite burls, cypress, and more.

What size table do I need to fit ___ people?

Please see our table seating guide for more information. Please keep in mind that this is a guide. Chairs vary greatly as some have side arms, some are wide and plush, and some are narrow. *Hint = generally, 24-30’’ per person to sit comfortably.

What are standard table and chair measurements?

Industry standards are usually:Seat height: 18”-19’’ for dining tables, 24” for counter stools, and 30” for bar stools”Table top heights: dining table 30”, counter height: 36”, bar height: 42”

Can I request a special measurement?

Absolutely. Any table can be built to custom specifications. Just let us know!

What are my shipping options?

  1. Pick up at our showroom. Should you have transportation and like to do things yourself, you are always welcome to pick-up your purchase and save yourself the delivery and assembly fee.
  2. We are happy to now offer ‘white glove’ delivery anywhere in the continental US. This option is hassle free and allows you to relax as the table is shipped, carried inside, and assembled.

Can you deliver long-distance?

Yes, shipping is $250-600+ nationwide, depending on how large the table or item is and distance.

How much is shipping?

Shipping depends on location and the size of the order.  We will let you know the exact shipping cost before the order is confirmed.  Generally, shipping is $160 for the Boston Metro area and $300+ for nationwide.

Will they notify me before delivery?

Yes. Our shippers will contact you beforehand to schedule a delivery time.

Do you have dealers or distributors?

Not at the moment. We sell direct to the end customer and thus guarantee the lowest price possible. We are looking for dealers, so if you are interested in being a distributor for Saltwoods, please give us a call.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept checks, cash, Visa, MasterCard and American Express. We require a 50% deposit for any order.

How do I maintain and care for my piece?

Check out our care and maintenance guides right here!

Do you offer dealer, volume or designer discounts?

Yes. Please see here for more info on our trade program. Or give us call to discuss.

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