Some quick tips on choosing the right table size for your room or space. There are two main points to consider for when determining the right size: the size of the space and how many people you would like to sit. In addition, you should also take note of what you want to accomplish in the space; will you be hosting large parties for dinner or do you more often have small dinner parties and prefer a more intimate setting?

Size of the room

Generally, you would want to have approximately 36 inches from the edge of the table to the wall, or obstacle behind it, in order to allow for guests to push the chair back and get up. If you have the room, 42-48 inches would be even better to enable room for people to walk behind while others are seated.

Size of the table

Considering the table length – Each person sitting at the table should have about 24 inches. 30 inches per person allows for more elbow room and space. Add 12 inches at each end if you are planning for a rectangular table to account for each person seating at the ends.

Considering the table width – can be anywhere from 30-48 inches wide. Narrow table have the advantage of being more intimate; people do not sit as far away from those across and and this can allow for a more easy conversation. Wider tables do have an advantage for the generous surface space. If you like to put food platters in the middle of the table, or even flowers and table decoration, then wide tables can create more space for a feast-like setting.

There are also a few wild card factors to consider. Different chairs obviously take up different amounts of space; arm chairs versus side chairs, wide upholstered chairs, narrow back chairs, etc. So keep your chair style in mind when thinking about space at table. Also the size of the people; big people, small people, skinny people, wide people, children, etc.

Overhang – Lastly, don’t forget the overhang to the table edge to the skirt or apron. Saltwoods can set the apron back or pull it closer to the edge for more of the farmers, vintage look. What does this mean for you? Well the more the overhang the table has, the less distance between the legs for seating, so keep this in mind should you want to customize the overhang. A standard overhang is about 2 inches.

Table height – a good table height is about 30 inches. Chair seating should be around 18 inches off the ground so double check to make sure you do not have an unusual chair height.

At Saltwoods, everything is custom made so you do have the luxury to make any adjustments needed to accommodate for your unique specifications. If you’d like to lower the height to 28 or 29 inches, we can do that. Hope this helps. And if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at Saltwoods and we’ll be happy to make you most important piece of furniture a reality.