The Saltwoods workshop has about 10-12 employees that help build each table. We truly love what we do and would even build these tables for free if we could. But unfortunately, we each have families at home and bills to pay so we have to cover our bases.
Each table is calculated individually at Saltwoods, to best reflect each variable in material, construction, and labor. Our pricing structure allows customers to mix and match styles and materials to configure their ideal table.

On average, the tables run between $1200 – $4000. Variations such as wood types, and legs vs. pedestals can cause the largest fluctuation. Some customers tell us their price range and we guide them in the direction of styles and options that fall into that area. To give you a better idea of what to variables create large price changes, here are some extremes to look out for:

hardwood vs. softwood – (walnut vs. pine)     + 10-20%
reclaimed wood vs. standard lumber         + 30-40%
straight legs vs. pedestal(s)                        + $400 – $600
straight legs vs. trestle base >                 + $400 – $800
our stain vs. custom (your) stain >                 + 15%

The cost of labor is often the largest part of your table. Although we do use machines to aid in our construction, each table is handcrafted by a woodworker who walks the table through each step with loving care.

Hope this helps explain a bit more about our pricing structure and variables.